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Guitars are organic, each is different. Due to their nature, being made of wood, each guitar has a feel that cannot be understood until you have it in your hands. The way you and the instrument respond to each other cannot be explained in words, pictures or videos. The playability of the guitar for the new or professional musician is personal. Nothing can take the place of your experience in holding the guitar in YOUR HANDS.


Each guitar is made of different types of wood and other materials. Guitars are constructed in many ways each contributing to the sound. Sound or Tone is very personal and is what a guitar is all about. There is a certain sound feel when the guitar is against your body or being played through an amp next to you. You cannot hear or experience this over a computer.


If you are a beginner, parent of a student, or an experienced musician let someone who is trained in the benefits and value of the guitar guide you to the right choice for YOUR special needs. Through a series of qualifying questions this professional will help you select the guitar that will fit your requirements for style of playing, Feel, Sound and Price. This advice cannot be found online, through articles or sale promotions. Only time invested in store and in your hands can assure you a guitar of true value to you or your student.


The guitar is only a tool. The real reward is in playing music. For the beginning student LESSONS are the key to this experience. NO video, book, or online chat can take the place of a one on one session with an experienced and motivating teacher. The real FUN is the learning and sharing between the student and the teacher. Once a minimal expertise is achieved the next step is to play with other musicians in live rehearsals and performances. Virtual online sessions CAN NOT replicate the energy and magic of musicians playing and performing together!


The first guitar is just the start. Once a student begins, his need for new and better guitars will grow. If the first guitar was select as described above that instrument has a value. This guitar can be traded back in to help in the selection of the next. Online stores and sites cannot offer this service. In store staff is willing and capable to help the musician in determining the value and applying it to the new guitar. This procedure guaranties the student a continuing path to a rewarding musical adventure.