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La Habra and Corona Music Center

May 2019 Newsletter Edition One


Welcome to La Habra and Corona Music’s very first newsletter!

In this monthly newsletter you’ll find special announcements, fun information about our teachers and staff as well as student of the month for both our La Habra and Corona locations.

We are currently open for enrollment on all instruments for the summer, so make sure to plan ahead and book your spot now!

-La Habra and Corona Music Staff

(Left to Right) Kyle, Monique, Stevie, Steve (Bottom) Casey and Cristian. Missing: Sharon and Josue.

Student Appreciation

April was super busy for us! Along with International Guitar Month, and Spring Break, we also celebrated our students! Each day of the week we offered our students a different treat. We had hostess treats, popcorn, along with gummie fruit snacks! Its safe to say our students enjoyed it!

Summer Recitals

Our summer recitals are quickly approaching! We are currently taking sign ups for our enrolled students. If you are not enrolled with us but are interested in taking lessons we offer a recital twice a year! Our recitals are always free and are held at some of our local venues. We film them and put them online for friends and family to see!

Sign up now! Space is Limited!

Why Play an instrument?

1. Playing an instrument makes you smarter
2. Your social life will improve
3. Playing an instrument relieves stress
4. Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement
5. It builds your confidence
6. Practicing a musical instrument improves patience
7. It helps improve your memory
8. It increases discipline and time management skills
9. Playing music makes you more creative
10. Playing music is fun!

Mark Holcomb of the band Periphery for our PRS Event

Mark Holcomb with a fan at our PRS clinic

Jona Weinhofen for our Peavey Event.

International Guitar Month

La Habra and Corona Music Centers celebrated the most popular and most influential musical instrument in the world. The guitar has outperformed all other instruments in history and is the most popular in all countries and styles of music. To celebrate this we offered, through the month of April some outstanding values, and specials and some cool in store events! Thank you to everyone who made it to our Peavey clinic featuring Jonah Wienhofen and our PRS clinic with Mark Holcomb from the band Periphery. We had a great time hosting these two talented musicians! Make sure to check them out and follow them on social media!

Annual Restring Event

We had a great turn out for our annual restring event! Thank you for everyone who made it out and helped spread the word! All of the donations will go to a local organization. Special thank you to S.I.T Strings for sponsoring the event!

La Habra Music Center’s Student of the Month

Jack Henry!!!

Jack Henry started taking lessons with us 4 years ago with his cousin. He currently takes private lessons with his teacher Rene. He loves Classic Rock and playing volleyball in his spare time. He loves the color pink and his all time favorite food is CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Corona Music Center’s Student of the Month


Dylan enjoys Bluegrass and likes to jam with his older brother, who is in the military service. He has been taking guitar lessons with our Instructor Darin for over a year!!

Teacher Spotlight

Kirk Matteson – Piano Teacher

Kirk, has been playing piano for 55+ years, and has been teaching with us for the past 5 years. He enjoys teaching all ages and loves Rock, Folk, and Classical Music.

When he’s not teaching, he enjoys camping, hiking, and gardening.

“Music is as important to our humanity as breathing. It is a universal language that expresses what resonates inside of us. May you find the joy of that experience here at La Habra Music Center in learning the art of playing an instrument. The fun and beauty of that journey will last you a lifetime!”
-Kirk Matteson

Sign up with Kirk today! He only has a few slots available at our La Habra Location.

Happy Birthday to our Students!!



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