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The 7 Types of Musical Instruments Children Love to Learn

the-7-types-of-musical-instruments-children-love-to-learnChildren exhibit fondness for music right from the early stages of their lives. So why not help them make actual ‘real’ music? Apart from offering countless hours of fun, a good understanding of music will boost their brainpower as well. However, choosing a musical instrument for your child can be a tough decision, so this article will help you consider some things to help you make a decision on where to start. Following are the top 7 types of musical instruments children love to learn:

1. Piano

There’s no doubt that the piano is the best musical instrument for kids to learn. A piano’s keyboard is set up like a musical staff that makes learning the notes natural and intuitive and better helps with understanding the music theory. Most children learn pianos before using other musical instruments.

2. Violin

The violin is easy for kids to handle as it is manufactured in a small size. This makes the violin a smart choice for children. Furthermore, the violin will also help a child learn to play in tune.

3. Flute

The flute is another musical instrument loved by most children. Small-sized flutes are available for beginners. After your kid learns to play it, he/she can then upgrade to an offset G-flute or a C-flute with closed holes.

4. Maracas

Even toddlers can play maracas because it is one of the easiest musical instruments to use.  Maracas help develop the large motor skills of children so it is also beneficial for that reason. Furthermore, you can even make maracas for your children using just some dried beans and an empty water bottle.

5. Guitar

The guitar is a favorite of most children, regardless of their age. Beginners can learn either an acoustic or electric guitar, or both. Your child can learn on a children’s sized guitar, and then smoothly transition to an adult-size guitar once he/she masters the small-sized one.

6. Cello

Kids love to play the cello. Just like a violin, the cello is played by rubbing the bow across the string. However, a cello requires you to sit down and hold it between your legs while playing.

7. Clarinet

The lighter and smaller clarinet is suitable for children who have little hands. Once your child starts learning the clarinet, he/she can progress to a larger and heavier Bb clarinet within a year. Furthermore, transition to the saxophone from clarinet is also easier.

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