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7 Reasons Why It’s Better for Students to Rent a Musical Instrument Instead of Buying It

buying vs renting musical instrumentsIf you are enrolling in school band or orchestra, then you are definitely going to need a musical instrument in order to practice in a proper way. So when you want to get a musical instrument, you have two options i.e. either purchase the instrument or rent it. Both options have their advantages. This article focuses on the advantages and reasons to rent a musical instrument instead of buying it.

Renting a musical instrument can seem like an obvious choice, because there are many valid reasons. Some of the primary reasons include:

1. Renting is More Economical

As compared to purchasing, renting a musical instrument is an economical choice. Especially if you are renting it for your child because certain musical instruments need to be “sized-up” within a few months. That’s why buying it doesn’t make a good economic sense because you will have to invest more money with each size change. Alternatively, there are cheap instruments available on the internet that you may be tempted to buy, but such instruments usually require considerable additional investment if you want to set up properly, and again, sizing problem will still be there. Considering this aspect among some other factors, it can be concluded that renting is the most economical way to have a successful and rich musical experience.

2. Convenience

There’s no doubt that renting a musical instrument is simple and quick. In most cases, you only have to get a recommendation from your music teacher or local shop and fill out a form.

3. Flexibility to Replace

Renting an orchestra instrument or band instrument offers more flexibility, particularly if a potential musician should change their mind regarding their choice of instrument.

4. Easy Maintenance and Repair

Renting a musical instrument also eases maintenance and repair concerns. Orchestra and band instruments require occasional maintenance and repair, therefore having a rental plan that includes maintenance as well as an educated staff available to fix issues and answer questions is an added bonus. With renting, there are maintenance and repair options that most vendors provide that include keeping the instrument in readiness and full play condition for students.

5. Equity to Purchase

This option allows you to eventually own an instrument if you wish.

6. Special Discounts

Some vendors offer special purchase options and discounts that are exclusive to rental customers.

7. Easy Exit Strategy

One of the greatest fears of most parents is that their child will give up on a musical instrument after a while. An important benefit of renting is its inherent flexibility, which allows you to return it if your child should ever decide to follow another passion. Closing the rental contract is the simplest exit strategy.

Although online vendors offer larger inventory and greater convenience, it is recommended to let your child actually see and test out a musical instrument at a local store. You might even get an affordable deal by renting from a local store.

La Habra Music Center and Corona Music Center both offer a great selection and pricing packages for music instrument rentals. We also carry hundreds of instruments and accessories for sale in our well stocked retail stores, where you will find knowledgeable and talented staff to assist you with any questions related to playing music. If you have an instrument that needs repair, we do that too. For instrument rentals, sales, repair, lessons, and even opportunities to be a part of a kid’s rock band or an adult’s rock band, give us a call today! Our La Habra location can be reached at (562) 694-4891 and our Corona location at (951) 898-2630.