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The 3 Most Popular Instruments That Have Acoustic and Amplified Versions

acoustic and electric guitarThere are many kinds of musical instruments available these days. Although, these instruments are different from one another, they can also vary in their own type/genre. For example, not all guitars are the same, they vary in shape, size, color, etc. Some popular musical instruments can be classified into two basic categories: acoustic and amplified.

Although there are significant differences between acoustic and electric musical instruments, they also have many things in common. Following are the 3 most popular instruments that have acoustic and amplified versions:

1. Guitars

When it comes to the acoustic category of guitars, they have large hollow bodies along with a sound hole that is located right below the strings. The wooden front of the guitar is known as ‘soundboard’. It’s made of thin wood, often red or spruce cedar, which is selected for its sound quality. When you strum the strings of an acoustic guitar, the vibrations of the strings transmit through pieces of wood, known as the ‘saddle’ and ‘bridge’, to the soundboard.

As you may have noticed, the amplified counterparts of this musical instrument have solid,thinner bodies with no sound holes. So, in an amplified version of the guitar, the sound waves are not transmitted through the guitar’s body when the strings are strummed. Hence, if you strum the strings of an amplified version of the guitar, you will hardly hear any sound. Amplified guitars use transducers (also known as ‘pickups’) to transform string vibrations to electric signals, which are then transferred to speakers that amplify them and turn them into the sounds we hear.

2. Drums

The major reason why drummers mostly prefer acoustic drums over amplified drums is that they offer a different feel. While the amplified version of drums has come a long way in the last few years, it has still not touched a level where the drummer cannot tell the difference whether he is playing acoustic or amplified drums. Despite this plain contrast the amplified version of this instrument has many redeeming features. It offers full control over volume, which has always restricted the ability of drummers to practice where and when they desire. It also allows you to choose from hundreds of different sounds, and its ability to allow for high quality studio recording with minimal equipment is a huge plus.

3. Violins

Acoustic violins are the traditional looking, hollow-bodied violins, typically made of wood and produce the sound via f-holes positioned on both sides of the instrument. While there is no need to amplify the sound of acoustic violin, it is still possible to do so. Acoustic violins offer the best representation of the actual sound of a violin. This is a major reason why most violin teachers recommend the acoustic instrument to start with as compared to its amplified counterpart so that you get the correct feel of the instrument and know precisely how a violin is supposed to sound.

The solid bodies of amplified versions of violins are made for additional creativity. Amplified violins offer a more artificial sound. Suitable for performances within more modern genres of music such as rock or jazz, where the classical tone is not as essential.

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