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Peavey PV 10 BT Mixer with Bluetooth and Effects

$599.99 $299.99



Peavey PV 10 BT Analog Mixer at a Glance:

  • Great connectivity, including Bluetooth
  • Selectable guitar hi-Z preamp perfect for home recording
  • Onboard digital effects and compression fine-tune your sound

Great connectivity, including Bluetooth

The PV 10 BT is loaded with four universal low-noise microphone preamps, stereo 1/4″ inputs, stereo RCA ins, onboard USB-A for MP3 playback, and Bluetooth connectivity. Not bad for a desktop mixer! If you use multiple different sound sources for your mixing application and need something in a powerful recording format the PV 10 AT may just be your ticket.

Selectable guitar hi-Z preamp perfect for home recording

A great addition to this line of PV series mixers is the selectable hi-Z preamp that changes the onboard EQ and preamp specifically for your electric guitar. You can put away those DI boxes and extra hardware you used to need. This feature comes in incredibly handy when running your guitar direct into your DAW and electric guitar amplifier modeling software. Peavey’s PV 10 BT gives you what you need to capture a clean electric guitar sound with your DAW.

Onboard digital effects and compression fine-tune your sound

Onboard effects are hardly a new thing in the world of mixers, but more uncommonly do you see as many useful options in such a low-profile design. With multiple effects presets and four channels of built-in compression, you won’t be using up more precious inputs with complicated outboard gear to get it. All those effects with individual channel control are built right into your new PV 10 BT.

Peavey PV 10 BT analog Mixer Features:

  • Versatile mixer for your desktop recording and live sound needs
  • Bluetooth connectivity is great for podcasting and other applications
  • LCD display lets you monitor your work
  • Selectable hi-Z preamp designed for electric guitar input
  • 4-channel built-in compression not normally found on analog mixers
  • 3-band EQ with bypass switches
  • Phantom power for your devices that require it
  • USB-B in and out directly connects to your computer
  • Kosmos-C bass and treble enhancement