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Peavey MAX 250 250-watt 1×15″ Bass Combo Amp



Tailor-made for Performing Bassists
The Peavey MAX 250’s feature-rich design was tailor-made for performing bassists. This 250-watt bass combo amp includes plenty of onboard sound shaping, with a 3-band EQ and Overdrive, Contour, Mid Shift, and Bright controls. Kosmos-C bass enhancement imparts harmonics and subharmonics for maximum impact and tone. Clip-limiting DDT tames your dynamics and protects your speakers. Integrating your pedals and external processors is a breeze, thanks to the MAX 250’s effects loop. Expanding your rig is just as easy, courtesy of the MAX 250’s speaker out. The MAX 250’s angled baffle design directs your sound right where you need it, while its lightweight construction and efficient power amp ensure maximum portability.